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Step 1.  Go to the Highland Emergency Department 

Step 2.  Ask a friendly person for "The Bridge"


Step 3.  We help you find the clinic.

(if you are in withdrawal or need medical attention, the ER is right there to help)

Drop in clinic 9am-12noon Tuesday and Thursdays

Counselors and doctors on duty. Tea and lunch served

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Harvard and Stanford trained physicians board certified in Addiction medicine and committed to a harm reduction approach.

**We now also treat Hepatitis C!**

Featured in the New York Times

Opioids. Buprenorphine is the cornerstone of our treatment. We are a low threshold clinic. We do not require abstinence or kick you out if you use. As long as you actually taking your Bup and honest with us, we are here to help. We provide sublingual and 30 day injections.

Alcohol. First step is to control withdrawal with Gabapentin and then we reduce craving with naltrexone (both tablets and 30 day injections). We also use acamprosate if you don't like the naltrexone. We never use medications that make you sick if you drink.

Meth. The key here is to slow your thoughts down, get restful sleep, and reduce the depression and anxiety that hits after you stop using. Mirtazapine is our first line. We also use olanzepine or risperdal for any paranoia type symptoms and Trazodone for sleep. 

Tobacco. Our go to is "Chantix" and replacement gum. Don't wait, just get that monkey off your back!

Call or text 510-545-2765 to get started

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Addiction Medicine Clinic: What We Do
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